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Change leadership, strategic
planning, team development
and other key services.
Many leaders know when itís time for a change. They sense the need for a strategy shift, feel a lag in team morale, or notice a lack of overall energy and vision. What many donít know is that strategic organizational change is a high involvement, reinvigorating process that can catalyze engagement, creativity and productivity for years to come.

Starting with an assessment of the current state,
Saltzman Consulting works with leaders to determine the best organization development approach. Emphasis is placed
on developing realistic implementation plans, so that intended
results are achieved.

Saltzman Consultingís organizational change services include:
Change Leadership
Whether you are facing crisis-related change or anticipating significant threats or opportunities, we will work with you to articulate a motivating and comprehensive vision for your organizationís future. Based on current conditions, we will help you develop action plans to achieve optimal outcomes.
Change Leadership Case Study

Strategic Planning
Beginning with a stakeholder analysis, this process ensures that customers and other key stakeholders are truly at the heart of your organizationís plans. We focus on identifying the critical objectives and implementation strategies that will align all organizational members in achieving the mission.
Strategic Planning Case Study

Team Development
Jump-starting new teams can eliminate months of ďsettling inĒ time. Saltzman Consulting can help you launch your teams quickly and effectively. We also facilitate ongoing team development to help groups both overcome conflict and move to higher levels of effectiveness by fostering alignment around roles, goals and actions plans for high performance.
Team Development Case Study

Leadership Coaching
The key to retaining and maximizing leadership talent is investing in their potential. This service provides much-needed support, focus and purposeful development planning for your top talent.
Leadership Coaching Case Study

Meeting Facilitation
Every organization holds critical meetings that can profoundly affect their success. When you canít afford to get off track, Saltzman Consulting can help structure and facilitate productive meetings that deliver needed outcomes.
Meeting Facilitation Case Study

Learning Design and Training
At times additional training and learning are needed to achieve organizational objectives. We assess current capabilities and create learning programs to address specific organizational needs.
Learning Design and Training Case Study

Interim Executive Directorships
While sometimes difficult, transitions can be an ideal time to update strategic direction and position an organization for success with a permanent executive director. Saltzman Consulting uses the creative thinking and new opportunities that arise during transitions to reposition organizations for meaningful growth.
Interim Executive Directorship Case Study