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Client Sketches

Team Development

A company experiencing rapid growth faced numerous challenges. Cross-departmental issues and conflicts between different product lines within the sales department were hurting productivity and morale. The director of sales contacted Saltzman Consulting for help with team development for his managers. Based on a survey of the team members and a discussion with the director, Saltzman Consulting designed a custom session to strengthen team effectiveness.

During the first part of the session, Phyllis Saltzman facilitated exercises for team members to become more familiar with one another. Next, Phyllis taught a group problem-solving and decision-making model. The team then tackled cross-departmental issues as a way to address real challenges while becoming familiar with the model. Prior to ending the session, the team developed agreements on how to collaborate rather than compete, and how to structure regular team meetings to continue addressing key issues.


The director of sales reported a re-energized work environment where the product lines support each others’ work while achieving their sales targets. Further, the sales department was able to recommend practices for cross-departmental problem-solving that were accepted and implemented by other groups in the company.