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In 2000, Phyllis Saltzman founded Saltzman Consulting, which specializes in results-driven organizational change services for the nonprofit, private and government sectors. See a full list of Saltzman Consulting’s services.

Prior to forming Saltzman Consulting, Phyllis was an
internal organization development consultant for over 17
years to three top corporations and taught as an adjunct
faculty member at two universities. Early in her career,
Phyllis provided counseling to youth and families.
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Phyllis is a strategic thinker with a proven record of helping leaders achieve effective, practical results. She has a keen ability to decode complex issues and help groups prioritize strategic objectives that will truly make a difference. Phyllis is a talented relationship-builder who is adept at working with diverse groups to align around common goals. As called for, Phyllis collaborates with other consultants with different skill sets in order to meet client needs.

Key Principles

Three key principles are at the heart of Saltzman Consulting’s practice:

  • Partnering With and Empowering Others
    We partner with or coach internal leaders in order to develop the capacity to sustain and leverage the work we do; this includes providing straightforward, documented processes for use as future reference.
  • Systems Thinking
    Integral to our work is looking at issues and creating strategies from a whole systems perspective, so clients are aware of how actions in one part of the organization are likely to impact other areas.
  • Inclusive Work Environments
    At the core of our work is helping create environments where all organizational members can achieve their best; this entails using high involvement approaches for increasing organization effectiveness.