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Client Overview

Strategic Planning

A new leader faced resistance from several long-term staff members. Recognizing that she needed help, she contacted Saltzman Consulting. Our needs assessment included input from all team members and we recommended strategic planning. Staff members were leery because they had “been there, done that,” but they agreed to move forward with the recommendation.

Phyllis Saltzman facilitated an accelerated approach to work quickly without sacrificing effectiveness. The strategic planning process was specifically designed to develop effective management and team practices. Starting with establishing group norms and values, Phyllis worked with the group to create an environment that was respectful and provided ground rules for interaction.

The team became aligned and energized as they defined the organization’s mission, vision and objectives. After the plan was initially developed, Phyllis was involved in quarterly review sessions to help ensure effective implementation.


Three years later, Phyllis is primarily involved in an annual process to update the strategic plan and the group reviews progress at staff meetings. In addition, the organization is recognized as a leader in its field, and some staff members have received awards for their professional contributions.