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Client Overview

Leadership Coaching

A senior vice president (SVP) was recognized as having strong technical skills that were of high value to the organization. However, three key issues undermined her success:

  • Interpersonal communications
  • Stress management
  • Creating a positive work environment
The resignation of several of the SVPís direct reports was a catalyst for the organizationís vice president of human resources to contact Saltzman Consulting to provide coaching for the SVP.

Phyllis Saltzman interviewed key stakeholders to get specific feedback. Then Phyllis and the SVP created a comprehensive development plan. They met regularly to talk through different approaches to dealing with issues and to review progress on achieving development plan objectives.

Once new divisional leadership members had been hired, Phyllis conducted a ďJump StartĒ new team formation process. Specific outcomes included:

  • Team members developed a greater understanding of each otherótheir roles, responsibilities and what each needed in order to be effective
  • Transition issues were identified, and a plan was created to address them
  • Ground rules for working together were developed


At the conclusion of the coaching contract, key performance indicators (divisional business results, key stakeholder assessments and the SVPís performance evaluations) indicated the goals of the development plan had been achieved and exceeded in some cases.