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Client Overview

Interim Executive Directorship

The board of directors of a nonprofit organization contracted with Saltzman Consulting to position the organization for success after a breakdown in leadership had created low credibility with key stakeholders.

Based on an assessment of needs, the interim objectives and major actions taken were:

  • Board development
    Several board members were recruited, oriented and elected to the board, including greater representation from all three states served by the organization. During an accelerated strategic planning process, the board refined its mission and vision statements and identified short- and long-term goals. Action plans were developed and implemented based on the goals set.

  • Design and implementation of a fundraising plan
    Goals were set and actions taken to cultivate relationships and seek contributions from corporate and individual donors. Additionally, three fundraising events were revitalized that the organization had traditionally conducted, which involved recruiting volunteers to plan and orchestrate the events.

  • Expansion in a three-state area
    This primarily entailed networking with individuals and organizations that served people who could benefit from the programs of the nonprofit. Through this networking, increased programming was provided across the tri-state area.

  • Development of ethical guidelines for conducting business with strategic partners
  • At a meeting attended by representatives of all strategic partners, attendees identified and agreed to a set of guidelines for conducting business. Included were guidelines for fundraising and interacting with clients served by the nonprofit.


During the 14-month interim period, the organization was renewed by strengthening relationships with key stakeholders and expanding the number of clients served throughout the tri-state area. There was a 33 percent increase in revenue supported by the establishment of a strong foundation for continued fundraising success.